Fractional CIO Services

IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS)

What is Fractional CIO Services

Most organizations find it difficult to justify the investment in IT Manager but their business requires a high level of Management to maintain operations. Triserv 360  provides a fractional, (IT Manager as a Service) ITMaas model that is affordable and integrated into your operations.

The difference between Triserv 360 IT Consulting & other managed services providers is that our experience comes from truly understanding what businesses need. We are backed by experienced IT professionals who came from managing complex business IT systems. While part of our knowledge involves managing these complex systems, our knowledge defines our work.

Visuals That Sell:

IT Manager as a Setvice


Security & Risk

create business continuity plan
Define RTO and RPO for critical services
Create emergency pack
Staff Security Awareness Training


Productivity & Business advantage

Review cloud consumption
Review key appications
Staff IT Servey
Staff Productivity Training


Vendor, App & license Management

vendor meetings
Document vendors in use
Review all vendor contracts
Assess and document licensing
Review usage/consumption of licenses


Governance, Policy & Process

Review IT Support Structures
Review IT Policies
Review IT Processes
Review Business Processes
IT Documentation
Review Data Privacy


Management & Communication

IT Steering Meetings
IT Business Communication
IT Meetings
IT Team Management


Strategy & Roadmap

IT Budget
Performance best
practice review
create IT Roadmap
create IT Strategy
Digital Transformation

Improve and Innovate with the Tech Trends

Key Reasons for Manager Triserv 360 has created an IT Manager as a Service solution for companies of all sizes to meet the following needs

Help and developing IT policies

Firewall and security checks

Timely system and network up-gradation suggestion

Network maintenance

IT consulting for business needs

Help in getting the right vendor

Let’s Collaborate

Ready to work with us?


1. Business owners focus on core business

As a business owner, your priorities are giving time in business-related activities, not in IT, we make sure you don’t waste time in managing IT issues; we help you take advantage of IT in building businesses only

2. Help in cost-cutting due to covid-19 situation

COVID-19 crisis has impacted many companies... Depending on the strictness, 60-90 percent of them could experience important losses. Broad crises may take many years to recover. Our ITMaaS service may help reduce the IT manpower cost of any company

3. IT work management backed by decades of experienced professional

Our team has decades of IT experience and has gone through many IT challenges over time. We have a team and tie-ups with industry leaders globally for any kind of IT solution. So, rest assured your IT will be in the right hands

4. Our experience helps you make the right IT decisions

Since our core team has combined experience of more than 50 years in IT and business processes, we will be able to help you make the right decision in IT-related work be it web solution, digital marketing, software, and ERP solution without the compulsion to buy the solution from us

5.Virtually own IT Manager at fraction of cost

Having a full-time IT Manager and CIO is very costly due to the fact you don’t get ROI of the full-time manager as many small-scale companies don’t have full-time work for them, our services come at fraction of cost without compromising on IT management work so virtually you own full time IT Manager / CIO at fraction of cost

6.No hassle of staff acquisition and retention

It is very difficult to hire and retain IT staff especially in tier 2 cities, with our service you do have to worry about staff retention, we have a lot of backup manpower to accommodate clients' needs. All of them are well trained and being led by experienced leaders

7.No legal liabilities of ESI, PF, and Bonus, etc.
  • With our unique ITMaaS services, you don’t have to bear the cost of employee ESI, PF, and Bonus; we as principal employer bear all the cost and relieve you from this burden, so no legal liabilities of staff.

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