In the physical world, we follow the survival of the fittest concept. In the professional world, we follow the rule of survival of skillful persons only. However, having a particular skill will not make you excel in your field unless you update yourself and invest in learning the trending skills. If you are still a learner and yet to enter the professional job life, you should know which are the skills that can not only earn you a job immediately but also excel your career to the height you can never imagine. Here are the top skills of 2021 you should know and learn about.

Artificial Intelligence –

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is the hot phrase of the year. Almost in every field, artificial intelligence is in high demand. Every industry wants to automate its processes so that there is less chance of error and less need for human involvement. If you have knowledge and skill in artificial intelligence, you can be sure that the next few decades will be a cakewalk for you in your professional field. You can do the impossible and unimaginable things with artificial intelligence, and you can also come up with your own product and company. In this connection, we should also mention machine learning as a skill that goes hand in hand with AI.

Blockchain Technology –

Blockchain technology is truly changing the world’s existing technologies in every field. It is just at its inception, and mass adoption is yet to unlock. This is the most happening field in today’s world, and the demand for professionals who have knowledge of blockchain technology is breaking the roof. If you are getting started, you should focus only on blockchain technology, and the future will be in your grasp.

Data Science –

Data scientists are the highest-paid professionals for the last few years. In fact, data is the most important item for the industry to understand the opportunities to grow and expand. Therefore, companies are always watching out for data scientists who can deliver. If you are good at mathematics and statistics and you have analytical skills, you should pursue your career in data science for sure.

Augmented Reality –

Augment reality is our future as far as the hardware industry is concerned. Starting from the smartphone to the gaming industry, augmented reality is taking them over steadily. If you can get knowledge and skill in augmented reality and virtual reality, the hardware and the gaming industry are waiting for your arrival. You can innovate so many different items, and there are startups coming up based on AR and VR. The field is also extremely interesting for newcomers to learn and develop things that they can only imagine.

Cloud Computing –

Just like artificial intelligence, cloud computing is one of the hottest skills in the professional world. There is a technological shift towards cloud computing in the online world, and therefore, the demand for cloud computing professionals is extremely high. The possibilities of cloud computing are still to be unlocked, and it is sure to last for decades to come. There are different fields of skills available in cloud computing starting from development to security, and hence, you should invest in learning cloud computing.

Cybersecurity –

This particular skill is still underrated to a greater extent, but professionals know its importance. Cybersecurity is a great threat to humankind in today’s digital world. Companies based on cybersecurity are thriving like never before. All companies that have exposure to the digital world, are creating a separate department for cybersecurity. Hence, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is at an all-time high. There is no doubt that the demand will continuously grow, and if you have the necessary knowledge and skill, you can create your own product and be highly successful.

Business Intelligence Analysis –

BI analyst is an extremely important position in any company. Just like data scientists and big data analysts, the make or break of a company depends on a BI analyst. The analysis by a BI professional will help a company to stay on top of its competitors as well as find new opportunities to explore. In fact, the future course of a company depends on the BI analyst, and this analysis is based on various parameters. Therefore, people interested in the analytical and critical thinking space can learn the skills involved in becoming a BI analyst and get a high-figure job.

Internet of Things(IoT) –

Internet of Things is something you might have heard about and also used several devices related to IoT. This is also a technology that is going the rule the future world. This is because it is going to connect all the hardware and software and provide a centralized approach for all users. There are not too many IoT professionals available, even though the demand for them is extremely high. You should invest your energy in learning skills related to the Internet of Things, and the future is awaiting your arrival. The possibilities are unlimited, and you can come up with your own products and services for third-party companies.

You might be surprised to find that we have not mentioned the usual suspects like software development, project management, and others on our list. Well, there are always in demand, but they are no more the most happening spaces in the industry. Companies are more focused on bringing in skilled professionals who are knowledgeable in the latest technologies. This ensures that companies can excel and not go out of the latest trends.


Having any one of these trending skills will open up opportunities in your professional life. These skills are not just trending for this year, but they are also going to be popular for the entire decade. In fact, some of these skills can even be in demand for decades. There is going to be a huge demand for experienced professionals having those skills. Therefore, channel your money and effort into learning these skills and create a brighter future.


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